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AD5592 Snack Board:

1001-ASM-1002-00 - AD5592 Snack Board without pin header

1001-ASM-1002-01 - AD5592 Snack Board with straight pin headers


The AD5592 Snack Board is a simple breakout board that allows the AD5592RBCPZ-1-RL7, made by Analog Device, to be used without the need to design and manufacture a custom circuit board. The AD5592 has 8 IO pins that can be configured as analog inputs, analog outputs, digital inputs, or digital outputs. It interfaces with a host device over a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) available on many development boards and single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi.


The advantage of using a Snack Board is that most of the capability of a small yet capable device can be added to a hobbyist or engineering prototype project quickly at a very low cost point compared to the alternative of designing, building, and assembling your own custom PCB just to try it out. Keep in mind, however, that the prototype nature of the Snack Board inserted into your project may prevent the AD5592 from performing to the full extent of the data sheet. In our projects we attempt to wring it out, but results may vary, especially when using long jumper wires and fast SPI bus clocks.


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  • Op-Amp Snack: Breakout board for a 4-channel op-amp.
  • MOSFET Snack: Breakout board for a high current MOSFET with a low gate threshold voltage and capable of driving many electromechanical devices such as solenoids, motors and more.
  • Level Shifter Snack: An 8-channel logic level shifter for shifting logic levels from either 3.3V to 5.0V or 5.0V to 3.3V.
  • Zero-Crossing Detector Snack: Breakout board capable of converting 2 channels of sinusoidal AC inputs such as VR sensors to 2 channels rectangular DC waveforms for interfacing with a microcontroller.
  • Temperature Measurement Snack: A small breakout board capable of interfacing multiple types of temperature sensors such as RTDs or thermocouples with a microcontroller.


MOSFET Snack Board

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