SpazzOut for the Raspberry Pi B+

The Raspberry Pi B+ is a credit card sized, low cost, single board computer that offers a wide range of possibilities to support technology related projects for classrooms, hobbies or even real world industrial applications. The SpazzTech Tool Shed has a few of these standing by for use as soon as we decide what to do first. This page will be updated with links to projects and SpazzTech Tech Tips as we go.


RPi B+ Features:

The features that got this little board into the SpazzTech Tool Shed are:

  • Very large user community
  • Free development tools
  • 40 I/O pins. Earlier models had 26 I/O pins.
  • It can be used as a stand alone computer. Just add a WiFi dongle, keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Although we recommend getting it in a kit at the get go. Click HERE for the kit we recommend.
  • It has a catchy name.
  • We wanted to learn more about Linux and this little computer runs Linux.
  • We can control and program it remotely over a wireless network from any computer on the same network.



Raspberry Pi B+ Physical Parameters:

  • Dimensions: 3.3 inches x 2.2 inches (85mm x 56mm)
  • Weight:
The Raspberry Pi measures is 85mm x 56mm.

Raspberry Pi B+ Performance:

  • MCU: Broadcom BCM2835 with ARM1176JZFS Core
  • Clock Speed: 700 MHz
  • SpazzTech Toggle Tested at 6.58 MHz with high level C code and 59.5 kHz with Python code.


What's a SpazzTech Toggle Test?

A SpazzTech Toggle Test is where we connect one of the GPIO to a simple external circuit and toggle it high and low without any other operations in the program. We measure the output signal with an oscilloscope to see how fast it really is. Below is the hardware set-up for the SpazzTech Toggle Test of the Raspberry Pi B+.  Click Here for more details on how we perform this test.

This is how we had the Ranspberry Pi set up to measure the GPIO toggle frequency.
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